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4Tel specialises in Next Generation Digital Railway train control and information management technologies.  4Tel’s innovative hardware and software solutions are designed to exploit modern digital communications and network management technologies.  All 4Tel systems minimise railway CAPEX AND OPEX, increase reliability and functionality, and improve interoperability between control, information management and reporting systems.  4Tel systems are in use with many large above and below railway operators in Australia, where they have been optimised for remote and regional lines.  4Tel’s team has the skills for the design, construction, commissioning and maintenance of all Next Generation Digital Railway systems.
4Tel key technology systems include:

  • Centralised Train Control for track-based Rail Vehicle Detection technologies,
  • An Advanced Driver Assistance System with video and artificial intelligence processing,
  • GPS tracking of rail vehicles and personnel, with back-office integration
  • Radio-based, virtual-block, electronic and voice movement authorities,
  • Asset condition monitoring and reporting,
  • Automated rail access and billing,
  • Worksite protection through GPS and radio tracking, with a track-worker Track Occupancy Authority mobile application,
  • Assorted real-time passenger information displays, and much more.

Image below - 4Tel designed, installed and commissioned into operation the John Holland Country Regional Network Train Control Centre in Australia.




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