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4Tel is a software and hardware engineering firm based in Newcastle, Australia. While we have the industry experience to work in the Defence, emergency services, telecommunications and transport sectors, we have evolved to specialise in rail systems to the extent that we now provide rail technology and services to companies domestically and internationally. Our systems are formally designed to an appropriate safety standard for a given application, and come with rail type-approvals where needed.

Notwithstanding our rail specialisation, our team has the general skills and industry experience to develop command and control systems to improve the safety and efficiency of network operations in other transport and industry sectors. A key point to note is that 4Tel owns all its key technologies and therefore it can modify and customise its software and services to build bespoke solutions for any application within our field of expertise.

For the railway industry, we aim to help railways digitise their operations using technology based on smart train and network infrastructure architectures, with all systems designed to deliver appropriate safety and efficiency benefits. Specifically, 4Tel has developed a suite of train control, planning and communications products that can be customised to create a modern digital-railway management system for a rail Network Management Centre. The product suite is capable of remotely monitoring and controlling rail operations over large geographical areas, using few staff and at low cost. Our digital railway suite includes:

  • A communications-based train control system using digital electronic authorities (4ASW);
  • An on-board computer and communications system (4MTU), with the option of an advanced driver advisory system including camera interfaces and an artificial intelligence processor (HORUS), and an option for automatic train protection interface to a locomotive’s braking system (EN4CER),
  • A rela-time traking system for trains, ships, light rail, and track vehicles (4TRAK);
  • An infrastructure monitoring system using an Internet-of-Things architecture(4SITE);
  • A rail vehicle detection system for centralised train control (4CTC);
  • A control system integrated track-work protection system (4WPS/4PTW);
  • A real-time Passenger Information Displays and Customer Help Points (4PIDS);
  • An electronic assets management system for licencing and inventory control (4ASSETS); and
  • A Network operations tool for automation of access planning, billing and reporting (4ABS), amongst other systems.

For more information about our products, services and experiences (case studies), please read through this comprehensive website. Alternatively, you can contact us directly through our Contact page.

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