Port Sml loading and unloading container4Tel can provide port operators with better real-time visibility of the performance of port stevedoring operations.  The 4Trak tracking system is capable of capturing real-time performance of trucks, ships, trains and wagons in and around a port yard.

PIDS BW ColourInterface4Tel's Passenger Information Display System (4PIDS) is currently in use in Victoria and New South Wales. The 4PIDS systems collates real-time tracking data along with trackside telemetry to display the best available real-time information on train, light rail or coach running services to operations, station staff and passengers. Further, this information can be distributed to various back-office systems to allow exchange of information between systems.

This information is often distributed to the public by government agencies as part of their open-data systems policy using the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format.

Please see our detail description or read the case studies.

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TechDesk 2 small4Tel has been able to use the best of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies to monitor and maintain field equipment. Through automated interfaces, 4Tel can detect outages or unresponsive equipment, and allocate resources to respond - all from a centralised office. In areas as large as the regional rail networks of Australia, staff costs and travel times can often be a significant burden to budgets, making rail maintenance very expensive. Reducing the cost of maintenance support allows rail owners to improve responses to issues with resources better allocated.

All our solutions have been customised to the needs of our rail clients.
Systems include:

  • 4Site - For remotely managing site infrastructure
  • 4Site-LXM - specialised software that interfaces with remote level crossings
  • 4Assets - Recording keeping database for all assets locally and remotely.

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2017 4Trak Hunter XPT Info4Tel's 4Trak tracking system is used by both above and below rail operators across Australia.  The complex system tracks rail vehicles, light rail, coaches, buses, ships, and worksite as required for a specific application.  4Trak has proven to be a valuable tool in monitoring the location and performance of mobile users. For example, the resulting real-time location data can be used by operations staff for better situational awareness of train running against schedule and by maintenance staff for safer track access for work crews.

4Trak is available in web or IOS or Android SMART phone application format.  The ability for management to have access to 4Trak from their current location enables them to respond and keep informed in times of need. 

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NewcastleLightRail4Tel can offer a complete technology solution for the management of light rail services. 4Tel’s solutions also readily integrate with the multimodal environments to which they connect, e.g. trains, buses and ferries.

Passenger facing applications include:

  • Real-time multi-modal passenger information displays
  • Customer information and help points
  • transport services running information apps for IOS and Android personal devices

Operational applications include:

  • Install and design services
  • back-end operational management systems all in real-time
  • Wireless network control
  • Signal-free network design for more flexibility
  • 24/7 technical and on-going support
  • Engineered solutions for maximum safety design

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Photo credit: http://revitalisingnewcastle.nsw.gov.au

Horus Visual Detection Signal detection4Tel and University of Newcastle Robotics are working together to develop specialist artificial intelligence and deep machine learning systems for use in the rail environment.  Using driverless car technologies, our team has been able to use the hardware systems to develop 'Horus' which is an artifical intelligent system to assist train drivers in detecting hazards in the rail corridor.

Rail corridors rarely change making it ideal to explore and develop real-time visual detection software. By capturing the corridor master sequence and then using on-board super-machine visual processing, the corridor information is cross checked with a detailed database enabling the system to detect if a trespasser or object is in a potentially dangerous position to the trains path. While the system won't stop incidents from happening, it will minimise the impact from earlier response.

The system is also deisgned to aid driver safety through engaging in detecting the signal aspect and alerting the driver to potential issues, like a Signal Passed at Danger (SPAD) or exceeding the trains authority. 

The benefits are yet to be realised but the expected outcomes include:

  • As an on-board processor, the system is designed to meet the needs of trains operating across multiple open access rail networks
  • Instantaneous sharing of obstructions, hazards and other issues in the network to other trains and the network control centre
  • Immediate updates of software improvements  by using the best of Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies
  • Real-time reporting of events creates meaningful data for business performance
  • Independence from below rail operators/maintainers in driver performance information
  • The system will work in cities, regional and rural areas of Australia and can be applied to international markets

The system is currently under development with an expectation that it will be commissioned into operation within 2018.

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Horrocks App interface for rugged device4Tel has developed a suite of products designed to increase the safety of track workers. Most recently, 4Tel developed an app which creates a Track Occupancy Authority that is interlocked into the control system, and gives track workers the same level of protection as a train.

The improvement opportunities that we have aimed to solve are:

  • The reduction of verbal communications as human error in transcription can potentially lead to unsafe situations
  • Improvement of location assurance as misunderstanding of worksite limits can potentially lead to unsafe situations
  • Improvement in assurance that the agreed arrangements are clearly understood, as in the past there was no assurance that arrangements have been accurately communicated
  • Improved competency management that ensures Protection Officers are qualified to do the work that they are about to do

Since the app integrates into the control room, it has heavily reduced the reliance on voice relay exchange and paper-based forms. By automating the process between the Protection Officer (PO) and the Network Control Officer (NCO), 4Tel has been able to decrease the time and increase the accuracy of the process.

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4Tel Freight Train at Catch Point4Tel provides network optimisation, tracking, and report generating software solutions to the heavy haul industry. Servicing both above and below rail operators, 4Tel can deliver on solutions that automate error-prone manual processes to increase efficiencies and reduce operating expenditures.

Above rail solutions (train operators) include:

  • EN4CERMTU driver advisory system for automatic train protection with SIL4 brake enforcement capability
  • EN4CERHORUS incorporates artificial intelligence into the 4Tel automatic train protection system, to aid the driver in identifying and complying with signals and speed signs
  • 4Trak tracking system used to not only monitor fleet performance but to alert depots and load points, of approaching trains for efficient site operations, reporting of train performance, and incident reporting

Below rail solutions (network operators) include:

  • Control room design, fit-out, and support
  • Disaster recovery centre and off-site back-up facility
  • Complete network management operation systems solution including:
  • Converting signalled network design to wireless

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