John Holland and 4Tel Protecting Track Workers through a Control System's Integrated Mobile App called ETW

App IconJohn Holland and 4Tel, in conjunction with TfNSW, have launched a new mobile application which will provide improved safety and efficiency outcomes for Protection Officers and Network Control Officers working on the Country Regional Network.

This application will offer an alternate means of documentation for using Track Occupancy Authorities (TOAs). It is an app specifically designed to help Protection Officer’s in their daily role, ultimately creating a safer environment and giving them more information to make decisions.

The improvement opportunities that we have aimed to solve are:

  • Verbal communications: Human error leading to potentially unsafe situations
  • Location assurance: Misunderstanding of worksite limits leading to potentially unsafe situations
  • Agreed arrangements: Inability to confirm that arrangements have been accurately communicated
  • Competency requirements: Protection Officer's and qualified to do the work that they are about to do

Although the implementation of ETW will be revolutionary within the Country Regional Network, it is also important to note that the fundamentals of the rules within the network will remain the same.  It is the technology in the way that TOA’s are obtained and communicated that will change, not the principal.

For more information on the ETW presentation and links to download, please see the John Holland website at:http://www.jhrcrn.com.au/etw/

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