Asia Pacific Railway Innovations ForumAsia-Pacific Railway Innovations Forum

21-24 May 2019
Asian Development Bank (ADB) Headquarters, Manila, Philippines

The forum will bring together key decision makers, railway specialists and industry members to discuss the future of railway systems within Asia and the Pacific. There will be a focus on new technology, future-orientated knowledge and innovative products and services in the areas of:

  • Railway asset management
  • Alternative and future developments on train control systems
  • Opportunities and challenges relating to new and disruptive technologies
  • Cost efficiency and system improvements

Through lectures and disucssion sessions the following questions will be addressed:

  • Which railway system technologies and technology levels are economically and financially sustainable for system specific operation requirements and an expected traffic demand;
  • Which of the new disruptive technologies are possible and the best solution for their specific and unique urban or national railway developmant plans;
  • Will an investment in common railway systems be sustainable and advisable;
  • Which technical opportunities will safeguard a sustainable high performance and quality of railway services;
  • Which performance incentives schemes are best suited for a private sector involvement, in consideration of the complexity of maintaining and operating railways. 

Derel Wust (4Tel Managing Director), will be presenting a paper titled 'Innovative Communications-Based Train Control for Remote and Regional Railway Lines'. 

For more information visit the ADB website here

Australian System Safety Conference

22-24 May 2019
Customs House, Brisbane, Australia

The conference theme is Safety in AI or "How can we be artificially safe?" and there is plenty on offer, including:

Tutorials on:

  • Trusted Machine Learning and Decision Making, and Safety of Autonomous Automotive Systems,
    Keynotes from
  • Astronaut Pam Melroy Director of Space Technology and Policy, Nova Systems
  • Prof. Philip Koopman, Carnegie-Mellon University, Safety of Automated Automotive software
  • Dr. Ganesh Pai, NASA, safe engineering and operations of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
  • David Ward Horiba-Mira, Functional Safety in the automotive industry
  • Bijan Elahi, MedtronicTechnical Fellow, Medical Devices and Risk Management
  • Dr Kelvin Ross, IntelliHQ, Machine Learning in the Health Sector, and

Technical Presentations from:

  • Dr Andre Rae Griffith University, Eryn Grant Acmena Group, Dr. Holger Becht RGB Assurance,
  • Achim Washington RMIT, Ben Merange RGB Assurance, Kevin Anderson Systra Scott Lister,
  • Dr. Tim McComb RGB Assurance, and Graham Hjort 4Tel Pty Ltd

Read the program here: https://www.ascsa.org.au/assc-techprog-tutes
Registration: https://www.ascsa.org.au/assc-register
To read more about this event, follow this link to the website: https://www.ascsa.org.au/assc-2019

IHHA LogoInternational Heavy Haul Association STS Conference
10th - 14th June 2019
Narvik, Norway

The International Heavy Haul Association (IHHA) conference will include presentations of technical papers in research and development areas such as:

  • Rolling Stock
  • Railway Infrastructure and Operations
  • Technical Workshop to be held 2 days prior to the confere where international railway technical experts will present selected topics within the Infrastructure and Rolling Stock Fields;
  • Technical Tours for delegates involving site visits to LKAB’s shipping facility in Narvik and Bane NOR’s Heavy Haul line between Narvik and the Swedish border;
  • Social Tours for delegates and partners to visit tourist attractions in Narvik and its surroundings.

Derel Wust will be presenting a paper on the Next-Generation Rail Systems using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The Theme of the Conference is Heavy Haul 4.0 – Achieving Breakthrough Performance Levels” The concept presents a perfect opportunity for the heavy haul community around the world to share solutions and successes that advances and transforms railway operations performance in the digital era. The theme will encourage delegates to present papers on breakthrough solutions that will strengthen the heavy haul competitive edge with specific focus on reducing the logistics costs, improve operations efficiency, provide new railway capacity cost-effectively and improve safety. The scope of solutions presented will also cover operations in extreme weather conditions.

To find out more, visit the IHHA website here

RISSB logo RISSB Technology & Innovation Conference 2019

19-20 June 2019
UTS Aerial Function Centre, Sydney

RISSB’s Technology and Innovation Conference will shine a light on new technologies being implemented today or in the near future. 

A Few focus topics include:

  • How to approach and mitigate barriers to implementing innovation and new technology
  • What impact does technology and innovation have on the rail industry in the short to medium term future?
  • How is technology driving the future of the rail industry?
  • Spotlight on innovation and technology recently implemented in the rail industry and their success stories
  • What are the current trends in innovation and technology and how do we adapt them to the rail industry?

Mark Wood, 4Tel & Associate Professor Stephen Chalup, Newcastle University, will be presenting findings on the topic of Next Generation Rail Safety Systems using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

For more information on the event, click here 

IRSC 2019International Railway Safety Council Conference 2019

13-18 October 2019
Hyatt Regency, Perth, Australia

The International Railway Safety Council (IRSC) provides an international forum for an in-depth exchange of experience and lessons for improving railway safety. The theme for IRSC 2019 is 'Innovation and Technology: Changing the Future of Rail Safety'.

Industry experts will present papers on the following three sub-themes of the conference:

  • Ensuring Railway Safety in New Technology and Work Practices
  • Maintaining Interoperability in Innovation
  • Can Risk Management and Assurance Keep Pace with Technology?

This year is hosted by the Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau and the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator.

For more information visit the IRSC website, here

Next Generation Train Control ConferenceNext Generation Train Control Conference 2019

17-18 October 2019
Le Méridien, Philadelphia, USA

"Tomorrow's Technology for Today's Railways"

The conference will feature in-depth technical sessions and project updates on communications-based train control (CBTC) and Positive Train Control (PTC), presented by leading experts from around the globe.

In its third decade, the conference is an important gathering of communications and signalling professionals, it provides an opportunity for suppliers and consultant to interact directly with customers.

For more information please visit the Railway Age website, here

AusRail 2019 logo

Ausrail PLUS 2019

3-5 December 2019
ICC Sydney

AusRAIL is the largest rail event in Australasia and is hosted by the Australasian Railway Association, and supported by the leading industry associations, including the Australasian Railway Association (ARA); Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (IRSE); Railway Technical Society Australasia (RTSA); and the Rail Track Association Australia (RTAA).

AusRail offers the ability to: 

  • Meet senior executives from all over Australasia and from around the world under one roof over two days in a relaxed environment filled with high contact networking opportunities and quality branding
  • Raise your profile and increase your brand value in the rail sector
  • Network with the highest level Australasian Owner/Operators (end users), global manufacturers and leading figures of the rail sector under one roof! A feat you could not achieve door-to-door in a calendar year

4Tel Will be holding a stall at this years AusRail 2019 PLUS

For more information on the event, Click Here

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