Australian System Safety Conference ASSC19 - Brisbane

Australian System Safety Conference

22-24 May 2019
Customs House, Brisbane, Australia

The conference theme is Safety in AI or "How can we be artificially safe?" and there is plenty on offer, including:

Tutorials on:

  • Trusted Machine Learning and Decision Making, and Safety of Autonomous Automotive Systems,
    Keynotes from
  • Astronaut Pam Melroy Director of Space Technology and Policy, Nova Systems
  • Prof. Philip Koopman, Carnegie-Mellon University, Safety of Automated Automotive software
  • Dr. Ganesh Pai, NASA, safe engineering and operations of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
  • David Ward Horiba-Mira, Functional Safety in the automotive industry
  • Bijan Elahi, MedtronicTechnical Fellow, Medical Devices and Risk Management
  • Dr Kelvin Ross, IntelliHQ, Machine Learning in the Health Sector, and

Technical Presentations from:

  • Dr Andre Rae Griffith University, Eryn Grant Acmena Group, Dr. Holger Becht RGB Assurance,
  • Achim Washington RMIT, Ben Merange RGB Assurance, Kevin Anderson Systra Scott Lister,
  • Dr. Tim McComb RGB Assurance, and Graham Hjort 4Tel Pty Ltd

Read the program here: https://www.ascsa.org.au/assc-techprog-tutes
Registration: https://www.ascsa.org.au/assc-register
To read more about this event, follow this link to the website: https://www.ascsa.org.au/assc-2019

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