Asia-Pacific Railway Innovations Forum - Manila, Philippines

Asia Pacific Railway Innovations ForumAsia-Pacific Railway Innovations Forum

21-24 May 2019
Asian Development Bank (ADB) Headquarters, Manila, Philippines

The forum will bring together key decision makers, railway specialists and industry members to discuss the future of railway systems within Asia and the Pacific. There will be a focus on new technology, future-orientated knowledge and innovative products and services in the areas of:

  • Railway asset management
  • Alternative and future developments on train control systems
  • Opportunities and challenges relating to new and disruptive technologies
  • Cost efficiency and system improvements

Through lectures and disucssion sessions the following questions will be addressed:

  • Which railway system technologies and technology levels are economically and financially sustainable for system specific operation requirements and an expected traffic demand;
  • Which of the new disruptive technologies are possible and the best solution for their specific and unique urban or national railway developmant plans;
  • Will an investment in common railway systems be sustainable and advisable;
  • Which technical opportunities will safeguard a sustainable high performance and quality of railway services;
  • Which performance incentives schemes are best suited for a private sector involvement, in consideration of the complexity of maintaining and operating railways. 

Derel Wust (4Tel Managing Director), will be presenting a paper titled 'Innovative Communications-Based Train Control for Remote and Regional Railway Lines'. 

For more information visit the ADB website here

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