4Tel & 4AI Systems Supports NUbots at RoboCup23

4Tel and 4AI Systems supported the University of Newcastle's Robotics Laboratory team, NUbots, in person at RoboCup 2023 last month.
A group shot of the NUBots team at RoboCup 2023 in Bordeaux.

4AI Systems’ AI Development Manager, Trent Houliston attended the international robotics competition RoboCup23 in July in Bordeaux, France. Trent was supporting the NUbots from the University of Newcastle’s Robotics Laboratory as part of 4Tel’s longstanding sponsorship of the team.  

“The NUbots did well and it was a terrific opportunity for them. It was great they were able to meet the other teams and share ideas with them. We even lent our robots legs to another team and they put them on their robot to see how it went,” said Trent.   

The team is made up of undergraduate and postgraduate students who work on hardware and software to create autonomous humanoid robots for robotic soccer, with the goal of competing in the RoboCup competition each year. 

The competition brings together an international community of robotics researchers who aim to advance intelligent robotics and encourage students to consider a career in robotics.  

The NUbots team found the experience very tough but incredibly rewarding.  With almost all systems heavily upgraded, their performance exceeded previous years in the Humanoid League.  Across the series of games, they won a goal against UTRA from Canada, however, were knocked out of the competition by THMOS from China.  

4Tel and 4AI Systems wish to congratulate all the students who worked tirelessly throughout the year to enable the team to compete.  The team is now looking towards the next RoboCup competition to be held in the Netherlands in 2024.

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