4Tel Connects with Local Students at Newcastle University Women in Engineering Event

Representatives from the 4Tel team attended the Newcastle University Women in Engineering (NUWiE) Cocktail Connections Night on 15 May alongside more than 50 representatives from 20 engineering companies. The purpose was to bridge the gap between academia and industry by providing students with valuable networking experiences.
4Tel attends NUWiE event

The event provided a platform for students to learn about undergraduate and graduate opportunities within the engineering industry to widen their horizons and spark enthusiasm. It showcased the great talent and dedication of young men and women engineers, inspiring students and industry professionals alike.

The evening highlighted the importance of collaboration and mentorship within the engineering community. Students were encouraged to share their aspirations and received valuable advice from like-minded peers and experienced professionals in a supportive environment.

President of NUWiE, Lyndsey Terry is committed to empowering engineering students and facilitating career development. Speaking at the event, she emphasised the crucial role a strong support system plays in the success of the industry.

4Tel representatives Megan Dickinson, Marisa McLean and Tony Crosby created a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere where students could engage in positive and fun conversations. They encouraged students to embrace the unknown and enjoy the journey.

“Engaging in these meaningful conversations was an impactful experience for students that will leave a lasting impression and establish connections that will shape their future careers,” said Megan Dickinson, 4Tel’s R&D Coordinator.

“We wanted to help build the confidence of students by providing them with a positive networking experience. By empowering young professionals to thrive, we are helping to pave the way for future success and positive impact in the engineering industry.”

4Tel has a strong history of supporting emerging talent in STEM and sponsors NUWiE to encourage engineering as a career and promote diversity and inclusion. Read more about 4Tel is fostering female talent HERE.

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