4Tel Delivers Industry-First Technology with ARTC eTAP Update

ARTC eTAP logo with icons for new functionalities Sighting Distance Calculator and View Other Work.

01 DECEMBER 2022, NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA:  Australian engineering firm, 4Tel has delivered industry-first technology updates including a ‘Sighting Distance Calculator’ and ‘Viewing Other Works’ features to the ARTC’s eTAP system.  By further digitising existing manual processes, 4Tel technology enables ARTC to continue to lead the industry in Work on Track process and efficiency.

The Sighting Distance Calculator is a tool has been added to the eTAP app for Lookout Working (LOW) to allow the minimum warning time and sighting distance to be calculated before starting work.  Previously this process was completed using look up tables and paper forms.  The Protection Officer now completes the calculation on eTAP, as part of creating the LOW, with all values recorded and logged.

The Viewing Other Works feature enables Protection Officers to use the eTAP map to view other works active on the network.  Work In Corridor and Lookout Working show up as a yellow vest pin and Track Occupancy Authorities show up as an orange vest pin.  Basic information about the other work is also available, including the phone number for the other Protection Officer.

Since eTAP went live at ARTC in February 2020, 98% of all Work In Corridor (WIC), Track Occupancy Authority (TOA) and Lookout Working (LOW) requests in its NSW network are completed using eTAP.  The app has been used for more than 141,00 alerts: 73,000 WIC, 40,000 TOA and 28,000 LOW.  The eTAP app has significantly improved the work on track access process with over 3 minutes per authority reduced on average.

The Sighting Distance Calculator as viewed within the eTAP app. The feature allows the minimum warning time and sighting distance to be calculated before starting work.
The Viewing Other Works map as viewed within the eTAP app. Protection Officers can now view other active works on the network.

About 4Tel

4Tel is a specialist provider of turnkey control and information management solutions that improve the operational efficiency of transport operations across all transport modes, including heavy rail, light rail, ports, ferries and buses. Headquartered in Newcastle, Australia, 4Tel create bespoke solutions that integrate with customer business systems by providing accessible real-time information using a suite of 4-series trademarked products. With over 22 years’ experience, 4Tel is trusted by governments, agencies and operators to provide control and information management services across the global transport sector.

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