4Tel Sponsors RoboCup Junior Workshop at Shoal Bay Public School

The 4Tel and 4AI Systems team alongside 60 students

4Tel and 4AI Systems proudly conducted an engaging RoboCup Junior Workshop at Shoal Bay Public School on 13 June. The workshop aimed to ignite a passion for robotics and programming, and empower students with practical skills and insights into the captivating world of technology.

The team was led by Dr. Aaron Wong, RoboCup Junior Technical Chair and AI Engineering Manager at 4AISystems, and included Jason Disher and Lena De Gruchy, both AI Technicians from 4AI Systems.

The dynamic and capable team provided an exceptional learning experience. With their expert guidance, students wholeheartedly immersed themselves in constructing and programming their own robots, acquiring valuable skills and demonstrating a sincere enthusiasm for technology.

“It was thrilling to be part of this educational journey, shaping the minds of tomorrow and inspiring them to excel in the fascinating field of STEM. Bringing this workshop to life fosters an environment where young individuals can pursue their dreams in the world of robotics,” said Dr. Wong. 

“The excitement and joy on the students’ faces was evident throughout the day. We were excited to witness the exceptional creativity and problem-solving skills of the participants as they put their robots to the test to compete,” he continued.

Dr Wong presents to students on robotics.

Located an hour north of Newcastle, Shoal Bay Public School has a student population of 272. An astounding 30% of the school actively participated in the workshop. It was extremely encouraging to see female student participation making up over 60%, a significant step towards increasing gender diversity in STEM fields from an early age.

The workshop was organised by Mrs. Rechell Parker, whose dedication and support significantly contributed to the event’s overwhelming success. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Shoal Bay Public School for graciously hosting us.

4Tel and 4AI Systems is committed to promoting STEM education and these workshops leave a profound impact on students and help to shape the next generation of innovators and problem solvers.

Students take part in a robot race to test their skills.

Mark your calendars for the RoboCup Junior Hunter Regional Competition taking place at the Great Hall on 25 July. This highly anticipated event promises to be a thrilling showcase of talent and innovation in robotics, drawing young enthusiasts from various schools and regions. We look forward to meeting and engaging with more bright young minds at this prestigious competition. 

For more details about the competition and to stay updated on the latest developments, you can visit the RoboCup Junior website.

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