4Tel’s Inaugural Trip to InnoTrans 2016 in Messe Berlin

A small contingent represented 4Tel at InnoTrans 2016.  Needless to say it was huge, much larger than we anticipated.  The experience gave us the insight into our place on the world-stage.  It was pleasing to see that our products are competitive and have features that assist in differentiating 4Tel from its competitors.
It was an interesting week and with over 60 different countries represented, we were bound to see the best of the technology and interesting “touches” to each markets’ promotional strategy.  The Chinese had some jaw-dropping technology with their interactive virtual reality and interactive window display, the Japanese had a sushi bar complete with Geisha, our Turkish neighbours had a belly dancer, and Australia’s Austrade had a tram simulator.
The park had 127 new trains, locomotives and innovative rail vehicles on display which were great to see up close in pristine condition.  It certainly is an exciting industry to be a part of.  We are excited about the future of technology and the opportunities that it presents for us.
Some stats on InnoTrans:

  • InnoTrans 2016 showcased 2955 exhibitors
  • Over 112,000 square metres
  • 127 innovative vehicles
  • 144,470 trade visitors
  • 16,000 train enthusiasts during the Public Days

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