ARA Spectrum Committee Receives Award at AusRAIL PLUS 2013 Gala Dinner

The Australasian Railway Association (ARA) Spectrum Committee has received an award for its work in successfully securing and harmonising very valuable broadband radio spectrum for the rail industry.

The award was presented Mr Rob Mason CEO NSW trains at the AusRAIL PLUS 2013 Gala Dinner on 28 November as part of the annual Conference and Exhibition held in Sydney.

The ARA Spectrum Committee comprises members of key organisations from all the existing State-based licence holders and other interested parties. In this regard, Derel Wust Managing Director 4Tel was engaged by the Victorian Government-owned Corporation VicTrack, to represent their interests on the Committee.

Radio spectrum licences control the use of radio frequencies as used by modern mobile voice , telephone and data services. With harmonised licences now being available in the key radio bands of 1800 MHz and 400 MHz across Australia until 2028, the radio services needed by the railway systems of Australia can now be developed and deployed with confidence.

On behalf of the Spectrum Committee, Derel was delighted to give special thanks to Vicki Brown, who has played the pivotal role of chairing the committee’s work.

Derel added that “The Committee has been working with Federal Government departments and agencies for over four years to allocate harmonised broadband and narrowband spectrum bands for rail.

“Spectrum is a very scarce and valuable resource in the modern information systems era. Rail systems are increasingly using radio-based technologies to improve the safety, productivity and efficiency of rail services.

“Such improvements will not be possible or scalable without suitable radio spectrum. As bridges need foundations to be built, radio systems need spectrum to be built”.

Derel also provided briefing material to TasRail of Tasmania as a “watching brief” as they are not an existing 1800 MHz licence holder, but they are a 400 MHz systems user.

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