Could artificial intelligence help solve our train and transport woes?

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Today 4Tel and the University of Newcastle (UoN) are featured in ABC Radio National’s latest technology news.  Journalist Sophie Kesteven ponders Could artificial intelligence help solve our train and transport woes? by assessing the Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning technology under development by the two organisations.

The article which is featured online is accompanied by a voice interview with 4Tel Managing Director Derel Wust, and UoN Associate Professor Stephan Challup.  Together they discuss what the AI program is aiming to achieve, and how industry collaboration with universities allows us to invent these future technologies, and where we are at in terms of commissioning into operation.

While 4Tel is certainly working towards developing fully-autonomous technology, our assessment is that its initial applications will be best suited to tunnels or closed systems because the environment can be controlled better from a safety perspective while experience is developed.  Then as the technology matures more, wider use will become more common. It is inevitable that one day robotic trains will operate over long distances, probably initially as freight trains, but ultimately evolving to passenger operations once safety is proven. 

AI is coming, and Australia is well placed to be a technology leader.

You can read the article through this link:

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