Derel Wust Presents at 3rd UIC Asia-Pacific Control Command and Signalling Workshop

The UIC has sponsored the “Control Command and Signalling Development Technologies workshops” as an integrated part of the UIC action line to achieve a Global Traffic Management and Control Command and Signalling development strategy. The workshops seek to define the base for core system requirements common for the railways of the world and be the way to open-systems networks using leading technologies.

Under this theme, Mr Derel Wust, Managing Director of 4Tel Pty Ltd. spoke at the workshop on “An Overview of Australian Rail and Some Key Issues”. Derel selected the issues confronting remote and regional lines as an area that Australia has particular expertise. Many remote & regional railways around the world have similar operational issues, with:

  • Vast remote infrastructure and seasonal impacts
  • Very costly to install and then maintain remote field infrastructure
  • Theft, vandalism and security almost impossible to manage
  • Often need interfaces to mainline rail networks
  • Remote & inhospitable locations with long staff travel times
  • Expensive to retain skilled staff in remote areas
  • Limited opportunities to increase revenue to off-set expensive installations; more immediate opportunities to improve bottom-line by reducing CAPEX and OPEX costs

The workshop also Included Technical Visits to the Shinkansen General Control Centre, and the Railway Museum as part of the 50th Year Anniversary of Shinkansen operations in Japan.

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