Derel Wust Presents at the 3rd Annual African Railway Summit

The 3rd Annual African Railway Summit theme addressed the urgent need of fast growing metropolitan areas in Africa for effective and high-capacity public transport systems, by seeking to stimulate the development of strategies for expanding national, regional or local rail services and enhancing operations. To address the theme, Derel Wust, Managing Director, spoke on “Developments in the Safe and Efficient Train Control of Remote and Regional Rail Line” in Australia:

  • A case study from Australia on a remote area rail solution
  • How to use public telecommunications networks for safety communications in remote and regional areas
  • How to minimise field infrastructure in remote areas to reduce costs

The delegates found Australia’s use of public mobile telephone networks as very challenging to their concepts of safety management. Derel explained that safety was managed by movement authorities rather than in-cab signalling. With modern high speed data networks, the concept of movement authorities allowed trains or rail users to uniquely occupy a track section with a secure digital code. With secured movement authorities, a communications failure then does not create a safety issue as such a failure only becomes an efficiency issue as the section cannot be released back to the control system until communications can be re-established. By using satellite radio back-up to public networks, a very safe and cost-effective solution can be deployed for remote and regional rail lines. Derel assured the delegates that public networks were widely used in Australia and that remote African rail operations could benefit from a similar approach.

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