Derel Wust Presents at the First Seminar of Freight Railways in Santiago, Chile

4Tel’s Managing Director Derel Wust recently had the opportunity to deliver a presentation on aspects of the Australian rail industry to the First Seminar of Freight Railways in Santiago, Chile on 31 May 2016.

Derel was supported by the local Austrade office under the management of the regional Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner for Andean Latin America, Ms Shannon Powell, and by the Australian Ambassador, His Excellency Mr Timothy Kane.

Derel spoke about some of the unique capabilities that Australia has developed by necessity and in response to our circumstances and challenges. Derel emphasised Australia’s ability to be flexible and tailor solutions, be practical, and do a lot with very limited budgets and human resources, while managing tough climate and remote conditions similar to Chile.

The First Seminar of Freight Railways provided Derel the opportunity of meeting Vice Minister for Transport and Telecommunications, Subsecretario Cristian Bowen Garfias, to hear about the issues and challenges faced by Chile.

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