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4WPS4Tel Worksite Protection System product suite uses radio-based technology to protect worksites.

The suite is designed to improve safety around worksites by improving:

  • Situational awareness for all worksite users,
  • Operations management for the operators, and
  • The productivity of staff for the maintenance contractors.

Always-on telecommunications services provides worksite and worker locational data to a central server. This data is correlated with train, vehicle and other worker locational data to provide situational awareness to all staff involved with a worksite.

4Tel Worksite Protection Systems product suite includes:

  • 4WPS for a Work-Site Protection System server
  • 4WPS-MCU/SCU for Master and Secondary Control Units for a worksite
  • 4WPS-PPU for a Personal Protection Unit for worksite personnel
  • 4WPS-VPU for a Vehicle Protection Unit for vehicles

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4Tel has found that common problems are often experienced across many clients. In attempting to more readily help companies solve these problems, 4Tel has developed a suite of solutions and applications to improve safety and productivity, and reduce operating costs

4Tel has used its extensive rail, defence, mining and emergency services experience in large scale environments to apply the best of modern technology to create a modern interoperable, open-system, network management solutions for managing safety, infrastructure, tracking mobile assets and integrating with back-office systems.

Customers now have access to secure, scalable and modern management software at very competitive pricing for use in closed secure environments as applicable for a safety management system.

The 4Tel product suite consists of:

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4Tel has a suite of train control and communications products that can be customised to create a specific management system for a rail Network Management Centre. 

The product suite is capable of monitoring and controlling rail infrastructure in both local and remote locations, using few staff and at low costs.

The suite includes a rail vehicle detection system (4TRAFFIK), a radio-based train order electronic authority system (4ETA), an assets management system (4ASSETS), and a complete train access, reporting and billing system (4ABS).

All software technologies have interoperable interfaces with industry specific devices to maximise data re-use between systems and lower deployment costs.

4Tel Network Control Systems products suite includes:

  • 4TRAFFIK - For a Train Traffic Control System
  • 4ETA - For Electronic Train Authorities 
  • 4ASSETS - For an Asset Management System
  • 4ABS – For an Access & Billing System

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