Buses and Coaches

We can provide turn-key vehicle planning, tracking and information services for bus and coach transport.


Comprehensive Timetable Planning Software

4Trip enables planning and management staff to create, edit and adjust vehicle timetables for day of operations.

Our software enables layers of precedence, including special event timetables, customisation for events, public holidays and specific maintenance requirements for the changing needs of your busy transport network.


Passenger Information Display Systems

4PIDs collates real-time tracking data to display the best available real-time information on bus and coach running services to operations staff and passengers.

Information can be distributed to various back-office systems to allow exchange of information between systems.


Real-Time Tracking Solution

4Trak is a valuable tool in monitoring the location and performance of  buses and coaches.

The solution enables network operations staff with the ability to track and trace vehicles across the network and can interface with digital displays to output accurate route data for passengers such as the next timetabled service.

4Trak in Use at Sydney Ferry Terminal

Key benefits for Bus and Coach solutions

Our software enhances the network management experience by providing transport networks with turn-key digital solutions to modernise bus and coach operations for enhanced functionality and efficiency.

Improved Experience

Passengers and staff are supplied with accurate and timely information.

Timetable Management

Flexible timetable adjustments for special events and maintenance requirements.

Reliable Data

Layers of data are collected in the event of server signal loss.

Passenger Services Flyer

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