We create lasting efficiency for busy ferry networks by providing real-time information for passengers, crew and network controllers.

Timetable Management

Onboard Vessel Optimisation

4Tel have developed an on-board timetable management tablet for ferry masters to manage assigned timetables, provide real-time information on ferry performance against timetable and display passenger count information. This solution ensures accurate timetable variance tracking and management.

Up-To-Date Displays

Timely Passenger Information

For a ferry network to be successful, ferries need to seamlessly connect to other transport services with clear and accurate real-time information available for both passengers and staff. Ferries are a unique transport mode as peak times can fluctuate unpredictably with weather and special events. Accurate and easily accessible information is critical.

Voice-over-IP technology and connected Passenger Help Points ensure information is accessible for all passengers.

Fleet Monitoring

Real-Time Vessel Tracking

As a modern transport method, it is important ferries can be monitored quickly and remotely by operations staff.

4Tel can provide real-time tracking services to record, access and display critical vessel information with a browser interface to keep your ensure your network is always running optimally and on-time.

A worker using the 4Trak browser interface

Our products help to modernise and enhance ferry network operations

Timetable Management and Trip Planning System

Advanced Timetable Planning

Create and manage plans for your vessels weeks in advance, amend or re-release as necessary.

Special Events

Timetable integration for special event working timetables and customisation for public holidays, seasonal events, or specific maintenance requirements.

Harmonious Integration

4Trip integrates into the control room complimenting existing operational systems.

Passenger Information and Display System

Real-Time Displays

Up-to-date passenger information displays of vessel movements across your network, including automated public announcements and public help points.

Vessel Variance Calculations

Calculate variance to vessel timetabled run-times automatically for accurate and updated passenger information, including delays, cancellations and route terminations.

Timetabled Data Failsafes

Should vessel GPS data signals be lost, displays will automatically switch to the most updated timetable.

Real Time Tracking System for Transport

Real-Time Vessel Tracking

Track-and-trace every vessel across your network using terrestrial radio frequency and satellite-based communications, all through a web browser interface.

Visual Map Display

View a geographic map display of your network, complete with togglable data overlays including terrain and timetable locations.

Network Monitoring Analytics

Monitor speed, location, exact coordinates, type and identity of vessels. Stay updated with the status of information displays across ferry stations.

Customer Review

Transdev Sydney Ferries

Ferries have been used as public transport in Sydney for over 160 years. The service offers a convenient daily commute and an iconic tourism experience for millions of passengers each year. Transdev has operated the service since 2012 and had the opportunity to improve their passenger journey experience.

By centralising the capture and sharing of information, we have successfully improved the operation of Australia’s iconic passenger ferry service. Real-time tracking allows for seamless operations in our day-to-day services and future innovation opportunities. Most importantly, this solution delivers on our passenger journey promise.
Ben Hayes
Program Manager - Transdev

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