Light Rail

An end-to-end, bespoke light rail management system for a modern metropolitan network.

Customisable Features

Streamline metropolitan light rail operations

4LRMS™ includes a flexible, customisable feature set which can include over-speed protection, the integration of on-board radio, WIFI, CCTV and Help Points. Along with passenger information displays, remote control of points and switches and performance monitoring through real-time GPS tracking.

Newcastle Light Rail Signal
Signaling Infrastructure

Light Rail Solutions

The 4Tel Light Rail Solution signalling options support both Rail Vehicle Detection and Line of Sight methods of Safe Working.

4Tel provides remote control and monitoring of signalling related infrastructure such as indicators, points and signals. 4Tel’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning system ‘HORUS’ can also be included for enhanced operational safety and automatic basic hazard monitoring.

Case Study

Newcastle Light Rail

4Tel designed, built and maintains the control, communications and information systems for the 2.7km Newcastle Light Rail network in Newcastle, Australia.

Discover more about our proven experience and capabilities as a metropolitan rail network provider.

Newcastle Light Rail Tram

Key 4Tel Solutions part of 4LRMS include:

Timetable Management and Trip Planning System

Advanced Timetable Planning

Create and manage plans for your light rail vehicles weeks in advance, amend, and re-release as necessary.

Special Events

Timetable integration for special event working timetables and customisation for public holidays, seasonal events, or specific maintenance requirements.

Harmonious Integration

4Trip easily integrates into the control room complimenting existing operational systems.

Passenger Information and Display System

Real-Time Displays

Up-to-date passenger information displays of rail vehicle movements across your network, including automated public announcements and public help points.

Light Rail Variance Calculations

Calculate variance to light rail vehicle timetabled run-times automatically for accurate and updated passenger information, including delays, cancellations and route terminations.

Timetabled Data Failsafes

Should rail vehicle GPS data signals be lost, displays will automatically switch to the most updated timetable.

Real Time Tracking System for Transport

Real-Time Rail Vehicle Tracking

Track-and-trace every light rail vehicle across your network using terrestrial radio frequency and satellite-based communications, all through a web browser interface.

Visual Map Display

View a geographic map display of your network, complete with togglable data overlays including terrain, streets, scheduled stops, timetable locations and more.

Network Monitoring Analytics

Monitor speed, location, exact coordinates, type and identity of vessels. Stay updated with the status of information displays across ferry stations.

Light Rail Flyer

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