International Rail Journal Editorial Mentions Derel’s UIC Presentation

The Managing Director of 4Tel, Derel Wust, received special mention from Editor, Mr David Briginshaw, in the Monthly Editorial of the International Rail Journal October 2013 issue.  

Derel presented at the International Union of Railways (UIC) conference in Paris September, 2013. His presentation was considered controversial as he challenged some preconceptions that in his opinion are holding the European rail industry back from making more extensive use of modern technology to improve services and safety, and reduce costs. 

Derel advised that “In many situations it would be quite reasonable for railways to exploit the billions of dollars spent on public telecommunication systems and services rather than building their own”.

“The focus needs to be shifted from the harmonisation of systems between railways because it had the effect of reducing innovation. Instead, an alternative approach to develop services that are interoperable will allow better business outcomes for the industry.” 

Mr Briginshaw added to this theme suggesting that “New technology could make transport more attractive and competitive as an industry”.

Derel was pleased that he was able to present some views that proved of interest to Mr Briginshaw and the conference delegates. 

About 4Tel

4Tel is a specialist provider of turnkey control and information management solutions that improve the operational efficiency of transport operations across all transport modes, including heavy rail, light rail, ports, ferries and buses. Headquartered in Newcastle, Australia, 4Tel create bespoke solutions that integrate with customer business systems by providing accessible real-time information using a suite of 4-series trademarked products. With over 22 years’ experience, 4Tel is trusted by governments, agencies and operators to provide control and information management services across the global transport sector.

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