CEO Joanne Wust presents at Emerging Technology Group event in Newcastle

4Tel CEO Joanne Wust caught up with the University of Newcastle and other industry partners to discuss and review ongoing research engagements, including 4Tel's ongoing work into artificial intelligence.
CEO Joanne Wust giving her presentation

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Last week our CEO, Joanne Wust, spoke at the Emerging Technology Group’s first in person event Collaborating with University Researchers, a joint effort between the University of Newcastle (UoN) and its industry research partners. Joanne’s presentation focused on the artificial intelligence research 4Tel has undertaken in collaboration with the university’s robotics lab – NUbots, since 2016.

The ongoing collaboration has helped provide students with real problems and mentorship to help them become employable at the end of their studies. These speaking opportunities are a great way for 4Tel to engage with industry and share our positive experiences.

Joanne mentioned that “Speaking to Warwick Dawson after the presentations blew me away. I wasn’t aware that this kind of collaboration wasn’t consistent across the country so kudos to University of Newcastle for encouraging industry/uni collaboration. And thanks to Bradd Perkins, Adam Amos and the ETG members. It was a great night!”

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