Robocup Junior Workshop at Dungog High

4Tel recently conducted a RoboCup Junior Workshop at Dungog High School, located in NSW’s Hunter Region. The primary focus of the day revolved around robots and programming. It provided a fun opportunity for the team to demonstrate their commitment to STEM education and empowering young individuals to pursue their interests.
Students testing their robots at Robocup Junior Workshop, Dungog High

The workshop catered to a class of 20 year nine students who are enrolled in iSTEM – Integrated Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This specialised program provides a unique opportunity to explore various STEM disciplines and gain hands-on experience in robotics and programming.

The day was facilitated by 4Tel’s Dr Aaron Wong, Senior Artificial Intelligence Engineer, and Megan Dickinson, Research and Development Coordinator. Megan played a vital role in assisting with the workshop but also in promoting women in STEM, encouraging inclusiveness and diversity in the field.

The team created a welcoming environment for students to feel involved. They first shared some engaging videos to spark curiosity and excitement. With great enthusiasm, the students then eagerly delved into the process of building and programming their own robots.

The students had an incredible time during the workshop and acquired valuable skills. Their enthusiasm to continue working on their projects during the lunch break was truly inspiring. Their interest and commitment demonstrated their genuine passion for robotics and technology.

Overall, the day was a great success. 4Tel staff felt privileged to engage with these bright young minds and contribute to their STEM education. The student’s potential in the field reaffirms the importance of inspiring and nurturing the next generation of innovators and problem solvers.

In July, a 4Tel representative will attend RoboCup International 2023, the biggest robotics and artificial intelligence competition in the world, to be held in Bordeaux. This is part of a long-standing sponsorship of the University of Newcastle’s NUbots team. READ MORE about these sponsorships.


Dr Aaron Wong inspires the class with highlight videos from various Robocup competitions.

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