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A centralised software application for locomotive day of operations and remote network management.

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Light Rail


Centralised Interface

Control daily rail corridor operations from one source

4AMS streamlines network information by providing a single source of truth for day of operations train running, work on track activities,  post event reporting, and more.  Our solution centralises critical information into one interface to ensure timely decision making and faster processing by network control.

4AMS provides a centralised interface for rail day of operations
4AMS Train Consists Illustration

Train Consist Management

Detailed breakdowns of each train consist

4AMS ensures proposed train consists comply with the railway Train Operating Conditions manual, automatically recording train run times against their schedules.  Our solution provides a detailed breakdown of train weight and distance travelled to support network access billing.

event records

Capture important incident information

Timely records of incident and event information allow network management staff to make appropriate judgement calls providing significant operational benefits.  4AMS simplifies the capture of information reporting and allows for cross-media distribution with a single action.

The 4AMS interface records event details

Additional Features

Conditions Affecting Network

Centrally manage all conditions affecting the network such as temporary speed restrictions to simplify distribution to train crew and maintenance staff. Conditions can be automatically shared with the control system for display on the electronic graph and inclusion in the issue of the movement authority. Related network incidents that may not directly impact train operations can also be recorded.

Integration with other Network Control Systems

4AMS can integrate with other products in the 4-suite as well as other network control systems as defined by the client needs. A particular use is in the management of worksite activities which integrate with the 4PTW app.  The 4PTW protection officer app reduces the need for voice communications between network control and the Protection Officer, substantially reducing the network control workload, and associated issues with managing work on track activities like verbal communications and location assurance.

Configurable to Network Requirements

As with many of our products, 4AMS can be customised to suit the needs, business rules and operations of your transport network.

Business Benefits

Customised Reporting

Staff and management can generate network reports for train running, operations, events, work on track and more.

Remote Access Management

The system has been designed to simply be accessed from a web browser, enabling remote secure access to users.

Real-Time Dashboard

Key operational information and network metrics can be configured to meet the needs of your operations team.

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