Advanced safeworking

A communications-based train control system using both voice and electronic messaging to manage movement and track access authorities.

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cost-effective compatability

A low maintenance system for regional areas

4ASW supports train operations across remote and regional networks.   4ASW can interface with existing back-office systems or operate as a self contained network management system.  The cost-effective system requires minimal trackside infrastructure or equipment to maintain and protect from theft.

The 4ASW solution is low maintenance and integrates into back-office systems
Driver alert on a tablet interface

electronic authorities

Timely digital communications delivered to drivers

4ASW uses securely encrypted electronic data messages to issue route authorities, clearances, restrictions, and speed notifications.  Widely available and cost-effective, public networks provide timely communications to drivers.

Modular architecture

A modular solution built to your network requirements

4ASW has an architecture to allow for new features to be added as needed.  As a modular system, 4ASW can be configured according to your specific network or operating rules.

Integration Modules

4ASW can be integrated with existing network systems or can be supplied as a suite of modules specific to the network’s requirements.

Planning and Billing

4ASW interfaces with existing planning or billing systems or can be integrated with the 4Tel Access Management System (4AMS) as an add-on module.

Real Time Tracking

4ASW utilises real time GPS data from locomotives or track machines to provide visibility for operational staff.  4ASW can interface with existing GPS systems or real-time tracking can be provided with the 4Tel 4Trak system.

Fleet Management

The features of the 4ASW fleet management module include information on locomotives, wagons, and mobile plant maintenance activities.  This module can be interfaced with existing fleet management systems or can be configured specific to the network’s requirements.

Crew Resource & Management

The 4ASW Crew Resource & Management module allows operations staff to manage rostering, leave and deployment of crew.  This module can be included within 4ASW or as a standalone product.

Train Manifest

The 4ASW Train Manifest module allows for networks to track and manage train manifests against planning and engineering requirements.

Business Benefits

Low Infrastructure Requirements

4ASW minimises the need for trackside infrastructure to create a low CAPEX and OPEX solution.

Real-Time Train Tracking

Real-time geographic tracking allows for greater train situational awareness for operations and network personnel.

Customised Support

Around the clock technical support to aid your network when you need it most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does 4ASW come with a formal safety certification?

4ASW is designed to meet the requirements of the international standard IEC-61508, but if a formal safety certification is required, the solution is assessed with a functional safety assessment of network specific risks on a case-by-case basis. If required by the operator, 4ASW can be assessed for international accreditation.

Who are the main stakeholders who benefit from 4ASW?

Stakeholders that benefit from 4ASW include network operations personnel, train drivers and management staff:

  1. Network operations personnel benefit from better management functionality with a centralised control system and up-to-date movements of the entire rail network.
  2. Drivers benefit from electronic data messages rather than verbal communications which are prone to error.
  3. Increased network efficiency provides better operational capacity.

More information on 4ASW

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