Transport Timetabling System

A turn-key planning solution for passenger transport operators for the development and release of vehicle timetables.

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Light Rail




Plan, create and manage weeks in advance

4Trip equips your staff with tools to plan services either weeks in advance or on the day of operation. Making it easy to amend, adjust and then re-release as required.

4Trip Trip Planning Interface

optimised route planning

A centralised interface for route planning

4Trip creates a single source of truth to optimise route planning management. It provides a central interface to view, plan, amend and distribute timetables into reporting and billing systems.

network configurable

Flexible configurations to meet network requirements

4Trip has been designed to compliment existing operational systems. The software can be configured to meet transport network requirements and business operating procedures as required.

Additional Features

Web Browser Interface

4Trip operates through a standard web browser interface, allowing planning staff and management to securely operate software remotely or in a controlled intranet environment.

External Server Compatible

4Trip is designed for integration with operational systems, the software is compatible with external servers to provide real-time data.

Automatic Reporting

Automate timetable reports to assist with management and network planning.

Special Event Timetables

Customise timetables as required for special events and public holidays.

Business Benefits

Low Deployment Cost

Low cost to deploy and integrate within the live operations environment.

Customised Support

A full-time 24/7 Australian technical support team available.

Plan Ahead

Schedule services as far into the future as business needs require.

Standardised Timetables

Consolidated information for creating consistent timetables across the network.

Report Automation

Configure and schedule reports to optimise workflows.

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