Passenger Information Displays

We provide cost-effective, accurate and reliable passenger information services across an array of transport networks.

4Tel's Passenger Information and Display System

4PIDS collects the real-time position information of any train, tram, coach, bus, ship, ferry, light rail or mobile phone user. 

Trusted and used by transport operators across Australia

Up-to-date Information

4PIDs processes GPS and track-circuit data against route timetables to create a real-time information feed for Passenger Information Displays, Public Address and Customer Help Points.

This location information is then integrated with timetable/schedule information and applied to a complex predictive algorithm producing an accurate data stream for each passenger information device.

Newcastle Light Rail Tram

Layers of Data to Maintain Accuracy

4PIDs can collect inputs from multiple data sources including:

Should a data-source lose its connection, the system will utilise the next best available source. If no-real time source is available, the system will automatically fall back to timetabled information for passenger information display.

Passenger Information Displays Ferries
4Tel 4PIDS Solution

Variance Calculations

4PIDs software calculates the variance of actual running data to the planned timetable for accurate service information. This includes delay, cancellation and termination information.

4PIDs Benefits

Passenger Experience

Provides passengers with a visual display for route information, current time and upcoming services.

Around the Clock Support

A full-time 24/7 Australian technical support team to aid your network when you need it most.

Up-to-date Information

Timely information to support the activities of station and ground staff.

Flexible Configurations

4PIDs can be configured to operate on a variety of vendor displays and legacy devices.

Better Situational Awareness

Operations are improved by greater staff and passenger awareness of transport run-times.

Multiple Services, One Display

4PIDs integrates the real-time running information of multiple transport services on a single display.

Provide accurate information with even more features:

Existing Compatability

4PIDs can be configured to operate on a variety of displays and legacy devices.

Public Announcements

Automated Voice-over-IP verbal announcements to a Public Address (PA) system.

Customer Help and Information Points

4PIDs integrates with customer help points, enabling accessibility for all passengers.

Live Data Feed

Live feed for user mobile phone applications.

Back-end Web Portal

A portal for network personnel to make refinements to displays and PA announcements as needed.

Further Customisation

Further modification to 4PIDS is possible for the changing needs of your operations.

4PIDs Flyer

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