Real-Time Tracking

4Tel provide advanced, customisable tracking solutions for mobile assets across large geographic areas.

4Tel's Tracking Solution

An in-browser, real-time tracking system that tracks rail vehicles, light rail, coaches, buses, ships, worksites and more.

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Trusted and used by transport operators across Australia and beyond

Track Assets with a Visual Map Interface

4Trak provides network and management personnel with a geographic map to simplify tracking across busy transport networks.

Monitor assets visually

Each asset is displayed as it carries out its scheduled journey.

Toggleable Data Layers

Turn layers such as terrain, roads, timetabled stops and more on or off as required.

Precise Coordinates

Exact locations of assets as they move across your network.

View Schematics for each Transport Line

Up-to-date Schematics provide an alternative display to show vehicles carrying out their timetabled routes.

Monitor Vehicle Performance against Timetabled Data

A self-updating, real-time interface completely configurable to user and business requirements.

4Trak interface displaying a timetable summary of tracked vehicles

Overview Summary

A constantly updating summary of events for your vehicles, service times, locations and status.

Variance Times

Monitor your vehicle movements with departure and arrival variance times.

Detailed Reports

Generate detailed reports in CSV, HTML or PDF of vehicle status as needed.

4Trak for mobile

4Trak Operations App

4Trak is also available in IOS or Android phone application format. The ability for management to have access to 4Trak from their current location enables them to respond and keep informed in times of need. 

Save time with even more features

Remote Access

Access 4Trak from any web browser, phone or tablet.

Speed and Location

View the precise speed and location of transport assets.

Detailed Records

All collected data is logged to create detailed historical records.

Optional Add-Ons:

See it, Say it™

Contact any tracked vehicle's driver instantly using voice-over-IP.

Existing Map Integration

4Trak can operate on any existing maps that have been geo-referenced.

Further Customisation

Further modification is possible for the changing needs of your network.

4Trak Flyer

Learn more about 4Trak by downloading our flyer or contact us for more information.

4Trak Flyer