4Tel Celebrates One Year of 4AMS-eTAP in Service

eTAP operations anniversary poster with interface screenshots.

4Tel celebrates one year since commissioning its new product eTAP-Operations into operational service to support work on track activities across 4000Km of ARTC track. eTAP Operations empowers network controllers to monitor and manage daily train and work on track operations in a simplified and unified display.  

4Tel Named a Finalist in the Premier’s NSW Export Awards

A finalist badge for the 2023 Premier's NSW Export Awards.

4Tel was proud to be named a finalist in the category of Regional Exporter in the 2023 Premier’s NSW Export Awards. As a first-time entrant, 4Tel was one of five finalists based in a non-metropolitan area to be recognised for outstanding international success.

4Tel Celebrates 20 Years of Business

This month 4Tel celebrated 20 years of business. The family-owned business has evolved from a telecommunications consultancy to delivering international software and hardware solutions for major transport operators. 4Tel have filled an industry gap by providing network-wide situational awareness through innovative solutions. These innovations include 4Trak™ for real-time asset tracking, 4PTW for worksite protection, 4PIDS™ […]