Tech That Keeps Trains Safe and on Track – Australian Financial Review

On Thursday 6 April 2017, 4Tel’s Managing Director Derel Wust appeared in the Australian Financial Review (AFR) to discuss Digital Railways in Australia.
As an active voice in the rail industry, Derel appreciated the opportunity to promote 4Tel’s innovative thinking and next generation digital railway solutions to the large influential readership of the AFR.
We are delighted with the response to the interview, and the attention brought to Australian-made control systems. 

About 4Tel

4Tel is a specialist provider of turnkey control and information management solutions that improve the operational efficiency of transport operations across all transport modes, including heavy rail, light rail, ports, ferries and buses. Headquartered in Newcastle, Australia, 4Tel create bespoke solutions that integrate with customer business systems by providing accessible real-time information using a suite of 4-series trademarked products. With over 22 years’ experience, 4Tel is trusted by governments, agencies and operators to provide control and information management services across the global transport sector.

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