4Tel Fosters Female Talent in STEM Through University Sponsorships

4Tel continues to empower women in engineering by confirming its sponsorship with Newcastle University's Women in Engineering (NUWiE) club, and the NUbots team, a group of students from the university's Robotics Research Group.

Newcastle-based engineering firm, 4Tel recently confirmed its sponsorship of Newcastle University Women in Engineering (NUWiE), a female-founded and student-run society. NUWiE supports its members by facilitating social and educational networking events for students and alumni, to encourage engineering as a career and promote diversity and inclusion.

President of the society, Lyndsey Terry, graduated from a Civil and Environmental Engineering Degree at the university and is now completing a PhD in Civil Engineering: “The society aligns with values I hold closely and provides me with opportunities to empower and support women in engineering.”

4Tel has a long history of fostering emerging talent in STEM. Since 2016, the company has supported various activities at the University of Newcastle to provide students with quality problems to solve and develop their skills for industry employment.

In 2023, 4Tel will continue its sponsorship of NUbots, a team from the university’s Robotics Research Group who will compete in the RoboCup competition in June, an international education initiative to support AI and robotics research. Team leader, Ysobel Sims, is a Computer Science PhD student and casual academic at the university.

4Tel’s Group CEO, Joanne Wust, is passionate about empowering females in STEM and promoting careers to female students. Since taking leadership in 2018, Joanne has focused on creating diversity in the 4Tel office, increasing female presence and ensuring that processes provided the opportunity for employment.

“As a female leader in STEM, I’m committed to driving female representation within the industry and I’m proud these university teams are led by outstanding women, Lyndsey and Ysobel. As someone with a firm belief in the ethics around AI, I believe diversity is vital for developing AI systems that are free from bias and reflective of our society as a whole.”

Joanne recently spoke at the University of Newcastle’s Emerging Technology Group event to showcase 4Tel’s AI research and highlight the importance of industry collaborating with the University to further develop these leading technologies.

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