Dr Aaron Wong Receives University Alumni Excellence Award

4Tel congratulates our own Dr Aaron Wong on receiving the 2023 Alumni Award for Outstanding Volunteerism from the University of Newcastle.
Award recipient Aaron Wong

Congratulations to 4Tel’s Dr Aaron Wong who received the 2023 Alumni Award for Outstanding Volunteerism from the University of Newcastle. Dr Wong is showcasing career pathways in STEM through robotics education and is empowering tomorrow’s innovators.

Dr Aaron Wong holds a dual degree in engineering and computer science. Collaborating with colleagues from the College of Engineering, Science and Environment, he co-created RoboCup Junior, an international robotics competition for the Hunter Region and surrounds. Their goal was to introduce primary and secondary students to coding and problem-solving.

“We started this local event for high school students so they could actually get into STEM education earlier because starting off earlier is key to success. It is important for curious minds to connect and share ideas because it helps them grow and to join in and to have fun with what they’re actually doing,” said Dr Wong.

Aaron was initially employed to oversee the RoboCup Junior competition and his leadership was instrumental in its rapid growth. In 2017, the project’s funding was cut, however, Aaron continued on a voluntary basis. For more than a decade he has volunteered countless hours and weekends to host workshops for students and teachers and to mentor the next generation of STEM enthusiasts.

 “Volunteerism is extremely important; it enables us to share our knowledge and to encourage them to take a step forward,” said Dr Wong.

Aaron’s dedication has seen the Hunter Region tournament become the largest in the southern hemisphere. Many RoboCup Junior participants have gone on to compete at a national level.

Recognising the resourcing gaps within lower socioeconomic schools, Aaron has also worked to secure funding for robotic kits to enable bright young minds to enter the world of robotics.

In a statement issued by University of Newcastle: “Dr Aaron Wong is not only an exceptional role model but also a true educator and volunteer. Opening doors of opportunity for countless young minds, his commitment to excellence, equity, and engagement in STEM education through RoboCup Junior has made him a deserving recipient of this prestigious award.”

Read more about the 2023 Alumni Excellence Awards and watch Dr Aaron Wong’s video HERE.

Aaron with his award
Aaron receiving his award for Outstanding Volunteerism.

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